Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Well, a weekend without racing 'cross has come & gone. A bit of vicarious racing by checking in on the goings-on at Bend was about the limit of my racing after finishing up at states. After having such a great time up in Bend last year, it was hard to not head back this year. Conditions there looked to be EVERYTHING ours were NOT this year. For those who did make it up there, I am truly envious. As the season wound down, my old & battered body was starting to cry out that it was time to stop racing. Strange thing is that once I did, it just seemed to seize up completely. The week after states, and my first "off" weekend

had left me REALLY hurting. Strange how old age and denial line up to repay you for beating yourself senseless for 16 races over 11 weeks or so. I am only going thru a little bit of withdrawal for now, but should be able to regain normal social function again soon (my wife may not agree with that assessment...).

It's a bit strange not thrashing myself into a froth each weekend. going to take a bit to get used to it. Saturday there is a race in Lyons, but I will only be headed over to do the suffering gig if it's nasty, muddy or snowy, which seems quite unlikely this year. Those of you going, go beat each other up for me, OK? I'll be over here trying to get back to "normal".

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  1. Bend missed you this year Dale, see you in September!