Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Is it really winter?

After a dry & dusty cross season, and NO snow up here in "not-Boulder" all year, it's hard to really realize it IS winter. After getting up to the high peaks and onto the boards for the first time this year, I guess it really IS winter, just not here in town.

Those first few turns each year are always a bit of a shock to the system, even more so when one chooses a day with nothing but wind-blown, heavy MANK to try and get you ski legs back. Headed up to my favorite close-in "stash" with the wife for a "quickie" yesterday. Strange, almost NO snow in Nederland, but higher up, the snow is about average for this time of year. enough snow & wind to drift over the road & keep us from driving to the actual trailhead. I am not sure what the out of state folks were thinking when they drove their mini vans past the multitude of parked 4WD trucks and into the 18" deep 100 foot long wind slab over the road, but there were cars buried to the door frames both going in & coming back out. Both groups sharing the same "wow, what happened" look of surprise on their faces. The Avvy shovel coming out of the pack seemed a surprise to them ( and maybe salvation.....)

Plenty of cover, even if the snow was a bit on the crappy side. Got to try out the Chest Mount for the Go-Pro even. Here is my really crappy skiing in wonderful Hi-Def.

I Really enjoy living where we do. not a lot of places you can sleep in, Head out of the house at the crack of 11:00, have some quality time in the winter woods, get a few turns in, and be snarfing down great Thai food back in town by 4:30. Gotta Love it.

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