Saturday, November 6, 2010


Strange to NOT race this weekend.  Warm,  amazing September day...  oh,  wait.  It's NOVEMBER.

Went for a nice easy spin on the open space trails today.  The rest is helping.  Most of the nagging pains are already better.  Oh,  and it IS nice to not get up in the dark & head out in the cold.

Still,  I miss racing this weekend.  Rest may be good,  but I am having trouble with not getting out there.  Obsessive?  Maybe.   Next week,  I start sneaking back up on the pain threshold again.  Even looks like FINALLY the weather may turn.  I am way ready for some slime this year.  Got to slow the fast guys up a bit.  Maybe,  just maybe I can put on the new mud tires for Ft. Collins.

Pray for it....

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  1. Time to get off that couch and peg the pain meeter. Hup Hup, cross weather is here.