Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Will it, Can it?

Will it?  Can it?

Will it (finally) be sloppy & slimy?
Can it (finally) get wet/snowy?

Maybe,  Just Maybe it's finally here.  Some REAL cross weather and conditions.

So,  maybe it's once again time for this

I'm really done with dry,  dusty & fast.  Time for some real bike handling challenges.  Maybe,  just maybe,  the time is this weekend.  Please,  join me in prayer now.....

So,  time for the USGP Ft. Collins race.  Anyone else notice that the flow of information about said race seems a bit,  well,  sketchy?  Wasn't even all that obvious from the race website WHERE the race was.  The USGP "Technical Guide" even shows it at another venue.  The race looks to be out in a random field in South Ft. Collins,  not exactly what one would think for the premiere cyclocross series event in the country.   I'm hoping it all comes together better than it's looking right now.  It's quite a score to lure a USGP race here from the coasts,  and would hate to see a poor event leave Colorado Cross with a black eye.   Chris G. showed how to take a race to a high visibility venue,  and how to put on a GREAT show.  The bar is high,  I just hope the Ft. Collins guys can meet or even better exceed that show.

The best information I've found for the race is not even on the USGP site,  but the Ft. Collins ride/bike site.  Even has a psuedo course map up there.    Fly-Overs and multiple beer gardens are interesting touches.

From the Your Group Ride site....
Real deal racing begins on both Saturday and Sunday at 8am with a full schedule of amateur racing before the pros take to the field beginning at 1:45pm with the professional women's events followed by the pro men at 3pm.  Both days will feature an Expo chocked full of bikes, gear, and lots of great food and drink with several New Belgium beer gardens located throughout the venue. 

Mmmmm..  Multiple beer gardens....   ahhggg.....

We shall see soon.   I'm rested back up,  everything hurs a lot less,  and I'm ready to battle out my back of the pack place in the 45+ up there.  Put on the mud tires,  lets get dirty.

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