Friday, April 9, 2010

THAT day

Today turned out to be THAT day. 

Each spring,  I seem to have that one ride that just says "Oh, Yea,  THIS is why I ride".   Couple of the HPM guys and I bailed out of work for a long lunch today,  hitting up the Picture Rock trail in Lyons (now that it finally dried out...).   Not sure if it was skipping out of work on a nice spring day,  or just that first "good" MTB ride of the year,  but no matter,  it was THAT ride that re-stoked the fire.

Early spring & winter rides carry an air of "drudgery" on them for me.  Maybe it's some lingering burnout from 'cross season,  maybe the fact that riding in the cold is not fun,  or maybe just being stuck on the road so much that makes it feel like work,  but it can become more of a "chore" than a joy.  Today,  it was like a cacoon cracking open.  a great trail,  even if it seems old & "too" familiar later in the year, 

good people,  fresh still tacky spring dirt and the riding is suddenly good again.  Like the appearance now of green grass & spring flowers,  the fun comes back out of hibernation.  Strange,  this years re-awaking ride I even felt like poop.  Got to go to a Nuggets game last night,  in the "vendor-provided suite" mode (ah,  to be one of the "elite" on a REGULAR basis...).  This led to many hours of steady beer consumption,  over the top eating behavior,  and staying out WAY past my bedtime,  which at my age and station in life,  leads to general hangover & poop-feeling mode.  Today,  even that did not matter.   My lack of time on anything resembling a trail showed in such pathetic driving that I thought I might need some remedial help.   ALMOST to the point that this video might have seemed helpful,  did not matter.  The searing pain in my legs left over from yesterday's final weight day in the gym,  did not matter. 

It was just THAT ride.    God that felt good.

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