Friday, April 23, 2010


Must be Springtime in Colorado.

This hurts.  4 days of GLORIOUS riding in the warm,  DRY desert.  4 great days to remember how to ride a mountain bike,  rail some dirt,  hang out in the desert.  Then since Wednesday AM till now,  it seems that all there is is damp.   Back early from the trip due to the wet,  not at work today,  but it's HAMMERING down rain here all day so far.  The same rain (and snow..) has followed me across 2 states now,  with hardly a glimpse of sun since Tuesday night.  Already sick of it.  Been cleaning & sorting wet,  muddy camping gear & trucks off and on since yesterday afternoon,  thinking that I want to go ride more.    Well,  I guess THAT won't happen anytime REAL soon.  

Must be the Karmic payback I have to pay for those 4 great days.

Back to cleaning red mud.

The trip report & some of the pictures will follow soon.   Stay dry.

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