Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Escape From Gooseberry

Back on the grid.   Chased out of S.W. Utah by a dandy storm overnight.  BARELY got off Gooseberry Mesa after a LOT of rain.   Slipped,  Slid & tested the new truck today,  White knuckle drive on the clay mud road after the rain.  Had to push a 2wd rental minivan up a half mile hill to clear the road.  POURED rain starting at 3:00 AM on Gooseberry.   Sitting in a Super-8 in Fruita now,  listening to the same rain pounding down outside.  So much for the backup plan to sneak in a couple of rides here.

4 GREAT days of riding were had,  all human powered.

The Rim Shots were great.

Weather & camping were great (at least until last night...)

Gotta love that slickrock.  been a while sice I got to play on the rocks.

Likely back home early,  since I don't see the 18 Road rides mixing well with lots of rain.  Trip getting cut a bit short,  but been a great trip.  More to follow.

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