Sunday, May 11, 2014

I'm not dead yet…….

Bring out your dead.

"I'm not dead yet……"

Not that you could tell by my "less than timely" writing here.   Seems as if time has been flying by without me gracing the pages of the Internet with my own brand of wisdom & entertainment.   May well be for the better,  but I seem to have a bit more juice flowing these days (Creative Juices,  that is…).

First,  I DID go get a fat bike,  and got a taste of winter Fat Bike Riding on the front range.  THAT is a great way to stay motivated over the winter.   It's fun,  in that it is quite obvious that bikes were NOT meant to be ridden on snow.  Amazing it works at all.

Man,  the last time I wrote something here,  it appears to have still been winter.  Well past that now,  I've even had a full spring week in Utah,  my annual version of a spring training camp.  So it must have been a while.  
Spring Training Camp - All work - No Play
Did a week in Utah.  Moab for a few days,  then my second visit to Hurricane.  Stayed up on Gooseberry Mesa,  and that place just gets better and better with each visit.  The old trails still rock,  and there is a bunch of new stuff out there to ride.  If you like desert riding,  you owe yourself a trip out there.  World Class.

End of the Goose

Cactus Slalom

After a few days there,  we rocked across the entire southern Utah/Northern Arizona line.  With that we were able to check us out a little FLDS action.  A drive by on the greater Hildale,  Ut./ Colorado City, Az. metroplex is an experience not to be missed.  Well, at least the next time you need to drive from Hurricane, Utah to Fredonia, Arizona that is.   You owe yourself a few minutes to read up on the FLDS thing down there.  It's FAR worse,  and FAR weirder than you can imagine.   I of course managed to pick THAT day to wear my Polygamy Porter T-Shirt.  "I Tried Polygamy".  Perfect.

Then Get out of town…..

Spent a day on the way back in Cortez,  sampling the flowy,  jumpy goodness that is the Phil's World trail network.  Yep,  another place you HAVE to go to.  Here's a taste.

Rib Cage from Dale Riley on Vimeo.

SO,  hope to have a bit more flowing out of the brain here soon.  Stay tuned.

Photo(s) Credit:  John Deibert

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