Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Worldly thoughts

It appears that those of us in Colorado suddenly pulled up roots and moved to Michigan.  At least that is what the last few weeks have FELT like.  Gray.  Gray.  Cold.  Gray.  REALLY Cold.  Gray.  Then,  Gray.     Amazing how few days of midwest/east coast weather it takes to piss off those who are used to living here.  Generally spoiled,  we are.    No matter,  It has NOT been pleasant to ride bikes outdoors for the most part.    Course sometimes if you just work at it a bit,  it can be pretty damn nice out there.

Have a lot of motivation to get back in good enough shape to REALLY test out some heart arrhythmia drugs I am trying out,  and/or just get the nasty rhythms firing regularly for a second ablation attempt,  so I've been pushing myself pretty hard to get out.  Even rode for a FULL HOUR indoors one of those REALLY cold days.  Such seriousness is not usual around here at this time of year.    All that cold and snow is making me want another bike.

After borrowing one ( well,  not THAT one…) to do the Mile High Urban CX Fat Bike race,  and a few rides on "skinny" little 2.4 inch tires in the snow,  the bug is getting pretty itchy.

We shall see.  Kinda a fashionable thing to do these days,  that Fat Bike thing.  Seems like every clown around is riding some Fatty

While some super-bowl game was on,  there was also a rather large sporting event over in the land of Dutch.  The Cyclocross World Championships were in Hooger-Booger-Hidey-something in the Netherlands.  Mixed bag for the US riders,   with the eternal KFC Rainbow curse in full effect,  and Ryan Trebon tangling with a chainring.  Best way to see the race is the STELLAR work of In the Crosshairs.  His great #Svenness video series has the best recap of a really good Worlds race in his #Svenness #17.

Go watch it.  

And buy a shirt or book.  Keep him motivated to do these videos.  SUCH good work.

Seems that in spite of Euros having a reputation as not having a sense of humor,  and for being WAY too quiet at Cross races,  it seems that they actually can have some fun,  and are not always so serious.  (NO,  my Flemish is not that good,  but Google translate will get you there…)

Get out,  Ride,  Ski,  whatever.  Make sure the weather gods know we are NOT in Michigan.

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