Sunday, October 20, 2013


Just plain Poop.  (the more polite version of what I really think....)

Wrapping my head around not being able to race...  Again... this season.  And it basically sucks.  Rocking new race bike hanging forlornly on a hook.  Me not wanting to ride at all.  yuk.

Course,  racing goes on,  and while I was out of town for the Boulder Cup weekend,  life,  and racing went on.  Even have a video from the Colorado Cross Classic,  kindly shared by my teammate John Deibert.

CO Cross Classic 10-12-2013. Highlights from SM35+3 race from John Deibert on Vimeo.

Decided to go ahead & let the Docs snake & zap my heart.  No other real choice,  unless I want to take up X-Box instead of Cross.  Was THINKING I'd run in,  get it done,  recover,  and maybe get in the last few weeks of cross season.  NOT.   Have to wait till December 3rd to get snaked.  That plus a month of recovery makes it official.  I'm done for the year.   Looks like my only cross outlet is designing fiendishly nasty courses for the "pleasure" of others on our Wednesday "Not Boulder" CX training races.  It's ALL I have (Said in a plaintive tone....and sad face)

I CAN ride (at lower heart rates..),  and COULD start lifting weights,  doing Core,  and all that "Off-Season" kind of stuff bike racers CAN do.  Might even do it .  Right now I seem to prefer whining & complaining over pro-active activities.  Sure that will change as I work thru my stages of grief.

Next weekend,  the team gets to help put on one of the "big" races of the year,  the Without Limits episode at Xilinx.   Working with the WOL guys is great,  and we have some nice upgrades to the course in the works.  These guys are always looking to improve,  and are open to all kinds of suggestions.  Will be a pleasure to help them put that race on again.  Hope you ALL come down & race.  Love to see you there.

For now,  I'm back to my old rallying cry...  "Next Year!"

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  1. Redneck Wednesday Worlds rules!!!