Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Long Days

Nope,   not now,  what with the daylight savings dark-fest bearing down on us.    I am speaking of the day (and Night..) spent helping put on the Cyclo-X Xilinx race on Saturday.  I seem to be able to block out the long days and just plain work that goes into doing a race.  (Might well be a post describing the process in the future here...)

Couple of the team put in a full day,  and a couple of hours the night before to help the WOL gang put on the race.  Couple of hours Friday night putting in stakes and some weed-whacking.  Then a nice sprightly start to that long day with a 5:30 AM tape-stringing session.

Fortunately for us,  They have this race setup thing down to a science,  and it's not too bad to put together.  With me not racing (Wah!),  I spent my day "patrolling" the course,  fixing tape and smashed posts,  while heckling and shooting some video with the Go-Pro.   Got to see a lot of good racing,  and just made me even MORE annoyed with not being able to flog myself into a drooling pile of putty.    Still,  good to be part (A small part) of one of the biggest and best races of the year.

That long day,  and no racing kept me away from what I knew would be the most interesting race of the year,  the Zombie cross from the Frites & Mayo guys.  From what I see,  it looks like I missed THE party race of the year.  Sigh.   Once again,  I raise my new mantra...  "Next Year!"

Not much of a surprise there.   Gotta say,  doing a cross race in roller skates is,  well,  pretty damn cool.

Once again,  I have some stand-in race video from Xilinx.  35+ Cat3 Rubbin & Racin From John D.   Have at it.   Enjoy the daylight savings time change!

CycloX Xilinx 2013 highlights 10-26-2013 from John Deibert on Vimeo.

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