Thursday, September 13, 2012

It's ON..... without me.....

This weekend it all (Really) starts up. "It" being the cross season.   I know,  I know,  the season really started last weekend in the Springs,  but the "bubble" version starts up this weekend,  and being in the neighborhood makes it feel different.  .  Either way,  "It" is happening, for all practical purposes, without me. It is really strange to be here, be NOT racing, not frothing at the mouth, not giddy, not nervous and not Jittery. So far, no real depression, but it is pretty strange seeing everyone else getting psyched, fired up and ready, while I sit back, ride easy, and enjoy fall with no pressure.

The decision to NOT race was the right one.  I just continue to suck more & more on a bike,  and am starting to feel the low-grade fatigue that comes with my Little hairy problem.  An "easy" mountain bike ride is pretty much leaving me on the couch.  Just can't imagine what even "riding" a cross race would fee like right now.  Sigh.

I will at least get to one of the early season races,  as the HPM bunch is helping put on the Boulder CX series #2 race at Xilinx.  We'll be out there all day.  Now,  will it be the HOT dustbowl,  or the cool fall day?  Time will tell.

I Figured out how one gets to me a MONSTER bike handler.  How you get the kind of SICK skills that just leave me shaking my head.  You just have to start riding BIG when you are 8 years old.

 (Full disclosure:  The "Dirt Merchant" trail in the video is at Whistler's Bike park.  I took one look at the entry drop,  cried like a 4 year old and scurried elsewhere on the mountain with my tail between my legs.   This kinda sickens me...)  
What Were You Doing at 8 Years Old? Jackson Goldstone Leads Tyler McCaul Down Dirt Merchant - More Mountain Bike Videos

Or,  Maybe that is not even young enough to start.


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