Tuesday, April 17, 2012

New Team?

You LUCKY person you.

You now have a chance to become part of the Least sponsored, Most fun, Least Serious, Serious Cross-'Racin team out there. Yes, while hard to believe, the High Peaks Masters team is looking for a few fun people to help round out our team.

We are:
- Focused on Cross (But you can race anything you like... even... ***ROAD*** races...)
- Based in the Roughly Longmont/Boulder/Loveland area
- A Masters only (35+) team (name kinda gives that away, huh?)
- More Social Than "Serious Racer"
- Cat 3/4 mostly
- Here to help each other have fun & race till you puke
- Fond of heckling each other

We are NOT:
- Sponsored in any "serious" way
- Hard Core, serious, upgrade or get out Nazis

We offer:
- A fun, casual, social team to race with
- No whining about who gets the free sunglasses, tubes, or other sponsor schwag
- Multiple years without having to buy new kits (no "real" sponsors = Not a lot to change...)
- A small price break on FRS Energy & 1st Endurance Products
- A dive bar for team "meetings"
- Annual dinner/video Highlight Night
- Nordorks with guns (Our Nordic/Biathlon Team...)
- The occasional full-blown team compound at Cross races, full tent, Food, beer.....
- Annual public service projects (Trail work, Soup angels, etc.)

We Want from you:
- A couple of races a year
- A fun attitude
- $20 a year, and maybe a "service" day (The $20 funds the USAC/ACA team dues... leftovers go to beer)
- One day a year to work a cross race (Usually Boulder Racing - Xilinx)

Sound like Something you want to get in on? Join the 3rd best team in Colorado Beer-Drinkin-Dads-League Cyclocross for 2011? Do you have what it takes? (Well, probably, we are not that picky.....) Contact us at highpeaksmasters@gmail.com or hit the link off the blog. Maybe, just maybe we can make you dreams (cycling dreams... ) come true.

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