Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Well, after the 2 weeks of fake summer, we got our "you're not out of the woods yet, buster" reminder here in the last few days. Maybe now the trails will return to some kind of tacky dirt, rather than the "August Dust" that was already in place. Sunday was WAY too hot in the land of scorching sun

on the Bobcat Ridge/Ginny Trail

and I did leave the skinnies to my younger, faster healing riding companions.

Summer, yep, it seemed like it was here. Then, Tuesday it was snowing. But hey, it is Colorado, and wet, snotty weather is not just for cross season. The rides are good this spring, nice to be able to get some good mountain bike rides in this early. Now if I can just figure out why it HURTS so damn much after being off the bike for so long. Could it be "old age"? Nah, got to be something else.

On a less whiny note, saw yet ANOTHER way to shoot video of a cross race, thanks to The Natural Way Racing Team guys. What a cool toy. I think I want one.

Speaking of wanting one..... After the new UCI rules, one of these would be nice to have, eh?

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