Sunday, April 24, 2011


Time for that spring trip. Road trip for a little mountain biking and desert time. Where do all the cool mountain bike kids go for the spring trip? Why Vernal, of course.

Uh, pardon me... Where?

No really, Vernal, Utah.

The Only City in Utah NOT founded by Mormons, and now, like so many places, the "new Moab". We'll see about that, but the Beta says there are lots of trails, and not a lot of folks. Seems like somewhere worth checking out, and so far, I have yet to road trip anywhere in Utah where the riding sucked. Moab? Great, but been there enough (Though, there is a LOT of new trail out there.......). Hurricane/Gooseberry? Wonderful. Red Canyon/Brian Head? Excellent. Vernal has some rough company to go up against.

Once more, We'll be going behind the Zion Curtain, risking scarce & bad beer, all just to find some more dirt to ride on. What could be better.

A quick update on the Voodoo acupuncture stuff. It does wonders. Pretty much amazing. No matter if it's just in my head, I am sold on the stuff. I will keep letting her at my immune system, as every time I go, I get nothing but stronger.

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