Sunday, April 17, 2011


Been remiss in adding any new ranting or otherwise random gibberish to the blog-like thing here...

While usually my sick & twisted mind overflows with SOMETHING to write about (worthwhile or entertaining is open to interpretation...), It's been a slow couple of weeks in the writing department here. Lots of that silly "life" stuff has been creeping in, taking a lot of the seemingly limited time left over after the "job" time has expired. And then there has been the goo.......

Goo, Lung Butter, Gack, Phlegm, Snot. I seem to have been on a slow descent into a breeding ground for any lung-related minor snot-fest that drifted within a 30 mile radius in the last many weeks. Weather perked up just in time for me to slide into weeks of semi-up-and-down pseudo sickness. Never REALLY sick, but never well.

After weeks of this nonsense, in a moment of utter frustration of starting what looked to be ANOTHER round of snotty-head-cold-lung-junk sweetness, I went to see the Chinese Medicine/Acupuncture lady. After a talk and diagnosis of a "Wind Invasion" and an "Unbalanced Chee", she decided I needed to suck some of the bad stuff out with a bit of cupping.

Then just made my foot and right ear resemble a porcupine.

What seemed like hundreds of acupuncture needles in a couple of visits, and the Voodoo stuff is doing wonders. I'm back on the bike, actually feel human, and WANT to get off the couch. It's been effective to the point of being scary. Turns out there is a "Phlegm" acupuncture point. Who would have thought? And, even stranger than that, sticking a needle in that "phlegm" point seems to work, and pretty quickly. Like setting off a drain. I'll let you all know how this little experiment goes.

So, while I've been adventuring thru a bit of cross-cultural alternative medicine, it looks like a bike race season broke out for the roadies here in Colorado. Even a dirt road race, with an apparently amusing "sandpit" section. Now THAT is going to spice up a road race. Even the post race whining is quite entertaining. But nothing compares to the facial expressions of those who are trying to stay up in a pack in 3 inch deep gravel at speed. Step thru the next dozen or so pictures. Priceless.

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