Sunday, February 27, 2011


Hope springs eternal.

For me, that means MAYBE I can really get healed up enough to get in some decent ski days yet this season. Did an easy tour up in Rocky Mountain National Park with my dear wife today. While I am slowly healing up, it turns out I am not anywhere near ready for a real ski day. While I did not set myself back in recovery, am just plain not ready.

Also managed to depress myself, after seeing the HUGE amount of snow that has been piling up while I've been doing nothing but PT and whining. There is more snow piled up on the Front Range than I've seen in many years, based on the road cuts on the Bear Lake Road. Course all this has happened since I managed to take myself out of ski mode. Time yet left in the ski season. All that hope is to get healthy enough to enjoy some of it. Well north of a foot was sitting there after the last "little" storm. Wah. more whining.

I WAS healthy enough to sit on on the ACA's Cyclocross Promotors meeting, held saturday in Golden. In yet one more indication of the growth of cross, the room turned out to be WAY too small for the number of people who turned up to talk about Cyclocross in February.

Much more than just hashing out the race calendar, much of the time was spent trying to understand the desires & direction for cross in Colorado, what is happening in Colorado racing to manufacture SO many National Champions, what "type" of races do both promotors and riders want to see, and how to handle the growth in rider numbers in a fair & reasonable manner.

Thankfully, some of what I see as the "less desirable" ideas did not seem to be gaining much traction, and there was frank discussion about some things that could be better for cross next year.

Outside of a VERY full calendar, running from Early September to the week before Christmas for states (Moved a couple of weeks later for more race weekends, and to better time with January Nationals...), Nothing completely decided so far (In the end, the ACA Board makes the decisions for real changes…), but Seems like most changes might be for the better.

More on my take of the discussion about cross in Colorado soon.


  1. What other types of changes were discussed? How manage the huge 35+4 cat?

  2. forgot name... Brian (thanks for going Dale)

  3. Not many options on splitting up the 35+ 4. Tighter upgrade criteria and some not too hot schedule ideas to tempt more folks into racing in the 4's were about it. That & the course improvements I note in the new post were about it.