Sunday, February 13, 2011


So when even a crappy "athlete" like myself gets hurt and can't do much, it's amazing how it affects much more of one's life than just the workouts. Not that I have any life changing injury, actually just the opposite. I have one of those silly and stupid injuries. Never seems like you even get a good story from many of the "old people" hurts you can get. Somehow, "there I was, in my kitchen..." just does not have a lot of storytelling impact.

So, I've managed to do some kind of bizarre damage to a couple of muscles in my hip of all places. Seems as if the "piriformis" and "tensor fasciae late" are not merely decorative in nature, and really do perform some anatomic function. When they are all screwed up, all sorts of normal activities can become non-functional.

Skiing? Out. Riding? Out. My weight training "program"? Out. After a couple of weeks of nothing but therapy, I am getting a bit batty, and getting grumpier every day. My plan for future dominance of the Colorado cyclocross fields thru a super-secret off-season weight program? Stopped before it got started. Getting some of the GREAT snow that has been dumping over the last 2 weeks in the nearby hills? I don't even want to think about that.

I am beginning to see an end to the "broken" period, but it sure seems that any kind of healing goes into complete slow motion in the 50+ year old world. Well, at least I can look forward to the "PT Stretch & Roll" workout twice a day for a little while longer. Whee.

OK, Ok, enough of the Crooked, broken old guy whining. I did have a pleasant surprise to find myself pictured in the last issue of Mountain Flyer Magazine. They did a real nice spread on the Ft. Collins USGP race, with a bunch of nice Eddie Clark Photos from that mud-bath.
While I would LOVE for it to have been a shot of me railing around in the mud in one of his typical, stunning action shots, it really captures what I do much better than race my bike. It's a great shot of me, beer in hand, mouth wide open, screaming at Katarina Nash to go catch KFC. There was even a second shot in the series of Pete Webber hammering uphill, and and race announcer, fellow mid-packer, and all around good guy Larry G.'s head leaning over the course tape. Oh, well, gotta take what fame you can get.

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