Monday, June 14, 2010


So,  took advantage of both the soggy weekend,  and Young Matthew's decision he no longer wants to use his Powertap for training.   The roadie bike is now truly instrumented up.  Will start "Training" with the wattmeter rather than with the heart rate monitor.  What has EVER come over me.  back a few years ago,  when I "quit" racing,  I sold the heart rate monitor off,  swearing to never do another interval as long as I lived.  Then,  the cross bug RE-bites,  I get another heart rate monitor,  do LOTS of stupid,  painful intervals for last years cross season,  and NOW I get a wattmeter.   I am NOT sure I like this direction in my life.

Kirk even wants me to come run an LT test to "set my zones".  I think I will.  God help me.   What have I done.  Lots to learn about working with the new box,  and I'm sure it will make it harder to slack off on the "structure" days.

This had better help me come cross season.  Am really wanting to move up just a bit in the "Beer Drinking Dads League",  maybe get into the top 20 "regularly",    and am just getting the real "speed" work going here,  so MAYBE the timing is good.  We shall see.

Suffering is on the horizon.  That and a lot of "is THAT all I really have???" moments to go along with it,  I'm sure.  

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