Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Going Long

After a very nice Memorial Day weekend,  great fun,  but not exactly a study in structured training,  it was time to get back on the pony.  Had a nice Tandem ride with the better half at Hall Ranch on Saturday,  a yard full of spring chores on Sunday.    Since I have acquired an "excess" of vacation time at the salt mines,  I scheduled every Monday in June off.  These would be the long ride days.

For Monday,  I thought I'd hit up the local "link-up" that I'd never quite done all of.  From "Not-Boulder" out to Heil Ranch,  Down Picture Rock to Lyons,  Hall Ranch,  and back.  Well,  I can say that ride is even more "interesting" than I thought.  60 ish miles,  5000+ feet,  and a LOT of hours.  JUST what I need to be doing for Laramie.  

Had my long day in the saddle,  with it ending up being a race between my butt & hands to see which part would crap out first.  Seems like the Butt ended up winning.  Tried out some new liquid calories and food strategies for long rides & races.

Ended up feeling wasted at the end,  but recovered quickly.  Actually felt OK even later Monday night.  Good signs for the training "plan".    Need some speed work,  as I can't seem to put the knob on "suffer" and keep it there for very long right now.  Will work on that kind of fun stuff in between the long "Laramie" rides.  Winter Park Series is coming up,  and that should help in the "pain calibration" as well.  Either June 26th for the X-C super loop,  or for sure the Valley Point to Point on July 10 for the start of my racing this year.  Starting to get more motivated.  Look out,  beer drinking dads....

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