Friday, May 21, 2010

Selling Out?

So,  like many a famous Blogger gone before me,  the lure of riches and commercial exploitation has reared it's ugly head for your author here.   What with the massive success,  and literally Five's of loyal readers,  you knew that such a hard hitting,  cutting edge Blog would not escape the attention of the "Mainstream Media" for long.

The other day I got an E-Mail from the good folks at Cyclocross Magazine,  making me an offer that can't be refused.   They must have noticed the interweb slowing to it's knees from the massive traffic hitting this site each time a new post went up,  as they invited me as a "Cyclocross Blogger" to join their new "Blogger Partner" program.  In exchange for me putting an ad on the blog for them,  and linking to their site from here a set number of times, they offered me free trips anywhere on the planet via their Gulfstream G550,  with dancing girls,  champagne,  all the usual perks for a writer of my new found stature.  Multiple free bikes,  dedicated RVs for my race use,  full pit crew support at all races,  and.....Or wait,   was it a free subscription...  hmm.  kinda fuzzy about the exact terms now.

After a long and painful evaluation of my feelings toward trading my journalistic integrity out for a free magazine subscription and some trinkets,  versus maintaining my non-commercial and totally unbiased integrity,  I've decided to follow the lead of several ex cycling greats,  go the Floyd route,  sell out my integrity. 

Expect to see an advert appearing for CX Mag soon.  And do go visit/subscribe.  It's a bunch of OBVIOUS 'Cross Dorks putting a lot of love into the magazine.  Web site is good too.

Weekend coming up looks to FINALLY break that 80 Degree mark.  LONG ride on Tap for Saturday.  Ya'll get out there,   ya hear?

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  1. Okay, here is the Dale's in a can fueled problem;first, they reel you in with some horseshit promises to retain your journalistic integrity. Think Bourdain. Pretty soon they have pictures of you in your rock and roll pedophile lifestyle.Bang, and I mean finger bang, they own your ginger ass. Would Langtston Hughes fall of this cliff, Caesar Chavez, Robert Earl Keen, Lawrence Ferlenghetti? I suspect not. I don't know the Spanish word for fudgepacker, but if I did.... Goddamn ginger sellout.