Sunday, May 2, 2010

Carbon Weenies

WHAT the hell is with the bike geeks and Carbon fiber? You'd think the stuff was some magic potion that only Harry Potter could possibly make a Bicycle frame out of.......

so Far,  it's at least that you........

Do these dorks REALLY think that building a carbon fiber BICYCLE frame is THAT much more complex and a bigger engineering challenge than say a Transport-category Jet aircraft?   Formula 1 race cars?  Spacecraft?

MAYBE,  Just MAYBE modern bicycle manufacturers use Finite-element modeling software to design frames.  MAYBE,  they just MIGHT do failure & fatigue life testing on actual frames under controlled conditions.  Maybe the 25% of an Airbus A380 that is Carbon is in a slightly worse temperature cycle environment than your sunny car & cold garage.   MAYBE you really can't "detect the change in stiffness" of your Trek over the winter,  and MAYBE you just gained 15 pounds instead.

MAYBE these guys should buy aluminum frames or find something else to obsess over.

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  1. As I was hammering out huge miles today at a blisteringly fast pace I believe I detected micro craks in my dentist bike. The stiffness change was noticeably reducing my power transfer to the rear wheel.I blieve I will build a special chamber to store my dental tools in that is temperature, pressure, and humidity controlled.