Monday, May 13, 2013

Yep, it STILL Rocks

That "undisclosed location" in Utah still delivers the goods.  Yea,  it's starting to get crowded.  This time we saw at least 5 other cars in the main parking lot.  Yep.  Getting crowded.   Course we did not actually cross paths,  were on the same trail with,  or have to stop/yield to any other riders.  (OK,  OK,  I'm exaggerating,  as usual.  We DID have to share one 1900 foot vertical rowdy descent with 2 other riders on that one trail.  once.)   Yep,  getting crowded out there in Vernal.

It was by all means the "Spring Training Camp" for this camper.

70+ miles and 15 + hours in 3.5 days.  Yea,  it kicked me in the hiney.  Bailed out on a loop or 2 at the end of a couple of days,  but in the end survived,  and it seems to have re-awoken what little "bike racer" I ever had in my system.  I have a hint of being able to pedal in anger again for the first time in well over a year.  Feels pretty damn good.

Hit a few new trails this time,  rounding out the area  bit more.  Quite the trail variety out there to sample,  plenty to keep a strong group occupied for at least 4-5 days,  no problem.
Ladder Bridge on Flume Trail

My,  ain't it purdy up here - J Boy Trail - Red Fleet Area

J-Boy Trail.  No Left Turn

Everything from semi-alpine/aspen grove rides,  to technical desert ledges to twisty,  smooth NARROW single track.  It has a bit of it all.  even a nonsensical shuttle/hke-a-bike/seriously chunk "downhill" run or two.  THAT little ride up & down Red Mountain was a ripper.
Red Mountain .  Yep,  Carry Bike up that..... ("Trail" visible....)


Moab is Great,  more new trails.  Fruita ROCKS.  Gooseberry is Stellar.  But I've got a bit of a thing for Vernal now.  Maybe not EVERY year,  but it deserves a spot in the Utah "MTB Honor Roll".  It's the kind of place you just want to keep riding in.  Even after the sun goes down.
Night Riding From Camp - Jazz ChromeMolly Trail
Place still reminds me of EARLY Fruita,  back in the days when it was still REALLY narrow out there.  3+ days on 8 inch wide singletrack is a great way to get REALLY back on the bike.  This summer is going to be a LOT better for this old guy.  I can't wait.

Guest Photography by Sean Buckman.  Great work.

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