Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Spring has Sprung, er... dumped?

You'd think it was mid-February,  given the cold & snow lately.  While springtime dumps are not really that uncommon,  the last few storms have been on such a neatly staggered schedule,  It's just kinda getting annoying.    I'm ready to REALLY start riding,  and the Colorado spring is doing it's best to keep me from doing it.

After finishing up my Cancer treatments a little over a week ago,  I was really hoping to get a chance to get a couple of weeks of riding in before heading off on our "Spring Training Camp" at a top secret Utah location.  Looking more like it will be mostly on that trip where I'll find out how much my lack of any decent riding ability was fitness driven,  versus cancer drug driven.  I anticipate having my head handed to me on a platter twice a day by my still-in-shape riding companions.  Maybe the gallons of beer will help vault me back into top form quickly.  Or maybe I'll just suffer like a dog,  and do my best to have fun riding Mountain bikes in the desert.

In the last week or so,  the U.S. Cyclocross scene got news of more bad luck.  The USGP series looks to have died after a 10 year run.  I for one am pretty bummed by this news.   I think that a solid,  obvious premiere national series was a boon for focusing the elite of U.S. cross.   Sadly,  I don't see an immediate replacement on the horizon.   USA cycling is putting races on a "National Cyclocross Calendar",  but that is not really the same as what the USGP series brought to the table.  With luck,  there will be some kind of high-end series to focus on soon.  Wondering how much the "stress" on both  the promoters and the U.S. cross sponsorship pool from hosting Worlds contribute to the USGP demise?  Think it was probably on its last legs anyway,  but a shame that there is not an immediate,  obvious series to leverage the buzz from having Worlds here.

It appears that for us Colorado folks,  the Ft. Collins race will survive in some form,  looking like the "other" UCI race here in Colorado (besides Boulder Cup...).  Hopefully we will still get a chance to see the big dog pros in action twice a year here.

Not a lot else from my snow-addled brain right now,  starting to have reoccurring visions of tight,  twisty desert single track.  Getting hard to focus.

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