Thursday, February 21, 2013

Mighty Mouse

A Cancer treatment update for this week.  Again,  pretty damn boring,  which is a damn good thing.  Got thru my post Chemo infusion weeks,  with good blood counts (yea,  I plot them....  the Geek in me can't help it...)

Have now done my second round of the Mutated Mouse Antibodies.  As advertised,  with Rituxin,  the side effects are minimal.  After going thru a 7 or so hour first infusion protocol last week to insure there were no severe reactions,    this weeks mouse injection was down to about 3.5 hours,  as they know I am not reacting to it.  A bit tired on these days,  but may well be the IV Dexamethasone or IV Zantac (Benadryl) they give you before the Mutated Mouse stuff.  All those Antihistamines are for reducing the possibility of reactions,  and I'm sure that stuff can't help but make you feel funky.   One of those drugs also make it so I can hardly talk,  and fills my throat with gunk.  Fun!  At least two more of those sessions on tap.

Maybe My lack of issues with the Mouse stuff is because my Chinese astrology sign is the Rat.  Family familiarity?  Who Knows.

Since I feel so good,  I've been trying to get out & ride,  and the motivation to try and make up for almost a year of having to NOT ride hard is high.  Turns out,  that same year away from any kind of intensity on the bike has left me rather "slow".   Realized I need to back off and get some decent base miles in with my newly functional blood.  Let the Mouse stuff run it's treatment course first,    as I am sure that is NOT helping my aerobic potential right now.  So I have been trying to reel in the immediate expectations for fitness improvement,  and let all the drug nonsense finish up first.    That,  and turns out it's still kinda winter outside most days.  Seems easy to go do a cross race at 35 degrees,  but it is not as easy to get out & do that base thing at that temperature.  Been motivated enough to go do it,  so far at least.  

Going back to work now that my immune system is probably capable of withstanding the viral.  germ-ridden cesspool that is the modern workplace.   Seems like all that "work" time is going to cut into my midweek,  mid-day bike rides as well.  Bummer,  was getting used to having that time available.  Ah well.  

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