Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Ah, safer now...

I am turning out to be quite happy that the ACA voted to re-join the USAC fold. Why, if Colorado remained independent, we might not have picked up vitally important new UCI rules that prevent such horrible and unsafe practices like Camel Backs worn on your front, Socks that are too long, and filed off "lawyer tabs".

I feel safer already. Thank god we can't void those fork warranties anymore. Just think of the untold horrors that might have befallen us if we had not rejoined. OH, The Horror...... The Horror.....

(And yes, I KNOW it's not April 1st..........)

Monday, March 5, 2012

The On-Board Diaries

My hand is now (finally....) free from it's claw/cage/splint/medieval torture device. Course, it's still pretty much useless. a stiff, atrophied lump. One thing at a time. I guess that "Hand Therapy" is the next step (OK, stop what you are thinking.... geez.) in getting back "online".

Skiing looks to still be a couple of weeks out, since I really can't fall on that hand just yet, but am going to try and ride again, as I NEED to stop the inflation around my middle, and the general softening all over that has been going on while I was semi-crippled. While the drinking hand/ability was not impaired, when you do not exactly DO a lot (well, OK anything...) else, it really takes its toll.

The High Peaks Masters winter video premiere party was a great success, and since the season wrap ups are now "out there", I can start sharing them here without them being pirated and sold in cheap Mexican restaurants in Longmont & on the streets of China. First up, the 2011 version of the "On-Board Diaries", my seat & bar-cam "best of" cut.

Wish me luck on my "maiden" rides.....