Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Stick a Fork in it

Stick a fork in it

It's DONE.  Cross season is over for yet another year.
Me sad.  Me no get cross season this year.  Me have SOME fun at a few races hanging out.  Me no like not racing.  Make no sense why hurting yourself SO bad is SO fun.  Make sense to miss such silliness.  Me will race next year.

The HPM bunch had a good season,  and a great time at States up in Loveland.  The E2 boys put in a HUGE effort to do a great event,  and they put on a good show.  I have to say I am still happy to share the way of life that cross is with a class bunch of guys.  They seem to know just the right balance of racing their guts out,  being competitive (7th place in Colorado Cross Cup for both 35+ 4 and 45+ 4, all with a VERY few riders...),  and still knowing how to have a good time.  I think this shot from Saturday pretty much sums up both the season,  and my dear teammates.

Armin risks disqualification to get a beer hand up.

Santa says thanks for a great season.

There is yet one more race to do if you are hardcore,  maybe a few underground things on tap,  plus Nationals and even Worlds here in the United States to keep the Cross buzz alive,  but mostly for us lowly middle of the pack types,  it's time to start thinking of next year.

For me,  my number one training plan is to get the cancer back out of my blood so I CAN train and race next year.  The time to treat my blood cancer is rapidly approaching.  Time to fix that broken blood shit so I can actually ride a bike again.  I am finishing up some baseline diagnostic work in the next couple of weeks (Spleen ultrasounds and a bone marrow biopsy...),  and hope to start my Chemotherapy in early January.  I think I will go ahead and document the Leukemia treatment process here,  as it seems to help my brain out when I write about the cancer thing.  Good way to let some of the demons out of my head,  and maybe give some insight into the wonderful world of cancer and it's treatment.

Till then,  you all enjoy being DONE,  not getting up so damn early each weekend,  NOT freezing your cowbells off,  and NOT beating yourself into a pulp each weekend.  Rest up,  it will soon be time to start it all again.  I SHALL be part of it this time.


  1. Best of luck kicking the crap out of cancer Dale... Definitely looking forward to seeing you back out there again next year my man.
    Dan Farrell

  2. Tell Mark he'd better damn well do a good job on your BMB. And let me know if you ever want company in the infusion room.

    Seriously, Dale, nice hanging out w/ you at the races and Wednesday practice this year. Looking forward to having you back racing full time next season.

    - Mac J.

  3. Thanks, both of you! am actually looking forward to getting this show on the road, and getting back to normal.
    Mac, He did a fine job on the BMB (what little I remember... god I love Adavan, I don't remember ANYTHING on that shit....) Thanks for the offer ont eh infusion room company, but I am "lucky" in that I get an infusion pump for a week, no hanging out in "the room". Good Holiday to you both.