Thursday, June 14, 2012

Wow,  you would have thought I had up & skipped out to Bangladesh or something,  given my lack of appearances here in Blog-land.  Nope,  have not gone on some top secret NSA undercover mission or anything fun like that.  Have had some basic motivational & inspirational issues with the writing,  especially anything bike-related.    It's been a tough,  as well as busy early summer here in Not-Boulder.    Sadly,  I just have not had too much inspiring bike kind of stuff to get me motivated to yammer about here.  But you are not all off the hook yet.  

One of the distractions that has kept my little tiny brain occupied was a home remodeling project,  one that required pretty much moving EVERYTHING out of the living part of the house for a while.  This led to much cleaning/sorting type behavior,  which led to the discovery of some,  shall we say "vintage" pictures and nick-knacks from the semi-deep historical well for competitive bicycle riding in our fair area.  Seems to have given me a bit of material to work with here this summer.

One of the things dug out of a box was a T-shirt from an old road race.  The recently completed Superior Morgul-Bismark race in Superior is the resurrection of many old versions of the Classic "Morgul" course.  From Coors Classic days,  to various local races.  The last club that did a race there prior to the Boulder Racing crew reviving it a few yeas ago,  was a small club of cat 4 folks out of Boulder in 1990.

The Boulder Velo Club put on the Morgul road race in 1990-ish for 2 years.  Not nearly as busy as it is now around there (no Rock Creek development,  and superior had like 3 dirt streets..) but was till quite an undertaking for a relatively small club.   I still remember having to go out & count how many white lane dashes were on the hwy. 93 hill,  so we had enough cones to put one on each stripe as the state patrol required.

Glad to see that race back,  and in the hands of a professional production crew.  The front range should be happy to have these races.

Speaking of things to be happy you have,  or maybe more like NOT have,  here is another one for your "solutions in search of a problem" file,  bike edition.  

Really?  You need a digital-gauge-meter-beeper-doo-hickey to drink enough when you ride?  You need this to "set and monitor personal hydration goals".  Really?  The next big thing?  Hmmmm......

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