Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Well, I have not managed to post up much here lately. Turns out life can get in the way of many a good blog post ending up becoming actually PUBLISHED on a blog.

Just plain a lot going on. Seems like the employer actually wants some of my attention span (Who the hell do they think they are?) Geez, it's like they pay me or something. We've had a couple of projects around the homestead here that have drained my energy and motivation, AND The wife and I are headed out for a little family visit. Now, when your wife is from Malaysia, that becomes a bit different than hopping in the car and heading down to Denver. We'll be in Asia for a couple of weeks, so I am not thinking my posting will get any more frequent.
The plan is to try my best to eat and drink a lot, exercise little, and see how my fitness does. Have not found the "4 week hard training block then 3 weeks of hanging out eating" training plan documented anywhere, so I'll take one for the team & see how that works. Hope to get a little news in from over there if I can. I'll try my best and suffer the indignity of being in the tropics. (Yep, I'll be on THAT beach...)
I hope all of you "beer-drinking-dads" have your own issues to keep you off the bike while I'm gone. Don't want anyone else "stealth" training on me now, Hear?

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