Sunday, May 22, 2011

Behind the Gates

One of the many reasons to love this time of year is that the gates are still closed. Some of the best riding in the "lesser-known" areas of the front range is located behind some Forest Service gates on various 4 wheel-drive roads. Our friends in the U.S. Forest Service usually don't open these gates till Memorial Day. For a few weeks, the areas behind those gates are both Snow and Redneck-free, making for a great time to wander areas that otherwise start feeling more like Kabul than the Colorado mountains, given the internal combustion & firepower usually on display.

Today, I was unable to dredge up any accomplices, so went and did a solo ride, getting off the beaten path, and behind those gates. Seems like the monsoon rains of last week were more like monsoon snows at anything over about 7500 feet, as I ran into more snow and wet than I expected after 2 warm & windy days. Ended up cutting my ride a bit short to not ride in the snow & mud, but was a great day out.

Course, the best part was being here at all, since the Rapture & Judgement Day was supposed to be yesterday. While we spent what was to be our last evening before the end of the world at a Roller Derby Bout, it seems that MAYBE, Just MAYBE the whole thing was bullshit, and the guy spouting it was just a quack (or a scheister... hard to tell the difference sometimes....). Turns out Mr. Camping was originally from the Bubble. Explains a LOT.

And, since we sinners are still here, and can't entertain ourselves with suffering along the end days, nor watch the chosen ascend, I'll leave you with the full Vernal video "production" for all of our worldly entertainment. Audio ON.

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