Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Is it time?

What with the sudden saving of daylight that just transpired, some strange, unpleasant & generally hateful kind of bike racing already happening in Colorado, and the sudden hordes of bike rider type things suddenly flooding the roads betwixt the Bubble & "not Boulder" lately, it must be that time of year, when the species "roadus-bikerus-shaved-legus" comes out of hibernation & begins a new year of suffering.

Normally about now, I'd have had a good dose of skiing in by now, but given my reluctant & slow-healing hip, I've not been able to get out. Course, now that I have a glimmer of ability looming, we seem to have gone back to a "no Snow" period. Perfect timing. Of course.

Since riding is not causing me issues, I've started at least trying to get out a bit and start re-teaching my butt how to sit on a saddle. Even one or two (ug..) road rides.

I have become a firm believer that indeed Riding Road bikes, (not bad Spelling...) Makes Baby Jesus cry.......... OK, maybe riding road bikes just makes ME cry.


In all fairness, I really AM happy to see the spring hordes arrive. While I may enjoy making fun of those who "Ride not like myself", as long as you are out there on two human powered wheels, it's all good. Of course, given the near biblical earthquakes, tsunamis, and fires here lately, maybe it's not just me whining, but maybe really the end of the world? Probably not, it's more likely just me whining, thankfully. But feel free to keep track.

While I've gotten most of my old & twisted body semi functional with huge doses of Physical Therapy, rest and beer, I seem far from being "ready" to really ride yet. Can't yet bear to start droning around on the pavement just yet. I keep dragging the cross bike out on the dirt roads, trying to put off the inevitable road bike "training" time I'll need to start soon. Is it OK to do your "base miles" on the dirt? I hope so.

Enjoy the coming of spring. It seems to be getting close.

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