Thursday, May 17, 2012


I have been QUITE slow in updating this little blog-like-thing here.  I apologize to those few who DO drop by to read up on the happenings here.  LOTS been going on in my little world here,  just not left too much time for spewing words here.

It had been YEARS since I've gone to Moab just to ride.  Been thru the place on various desert-rat-related projects,  and ridden a few "bookend" rides after a White Rim ride/party event or 2,  but have been doing the spring desert riding elsewhere behind the Zion Curtain for a lot of years now.  This year,  the motley crew I usually head out with had lots going on,  so rather than exploring new and different Utah wonders,  we "settled" for the obvious,  easy choice for spring "training" camp.

The little trail fairies have been BUSY in Moab over the last few years since I last spent much time there.  Klondike Bluffs,  Sovereign,  Mag 7,  and the "Brand Trails" have seen a LOT of trail work.  For an area of Moab that once just had a few "crappy" dirt/sand roads,  (OK,  OK, a lot of those "crappy roads" are pretty damn cool rides....)  there is now an INCREDIBLE network of bike-specific singletrack,  ranging from "girlfriend first time" to "near-death-technical".

Herds of new trails in the Klondike Bluffs,  Sovereign,  Brand Trails and even the Gemini Bridges area.

And ALL of them are a ton of fun.

As usual,  the after ride activities did not disappoint,  either.

Sometimes,  the classics are a good thing.  with or without the "new twists",  Moab is still WELL worth a spring or fall visit,  without question.  Thinking a fall visit,  if nothing else to FINALLY ride the Whole Enchilada may be in the cards....   Hmmmmm.

Get that desert ride in before it gets hot.